Alpha Course

Explore the meaning of Life…
The Alpha Course is about to start. Alpha is
structured to enable people to explore
Christianity, whether already a believer, a
sceptic, an enquirer or even a committed
atheist. (An atheist who attended Alpha with
me in a previous Church is now a church
Over 10 weeks or so we’ll look at issues
such as ‘Who is Jesus?’ ‘Why did Jesus
Die?’ and ‘Does God Heal Today?’ The format will allow for small group
discussion and questioning.
Whilst any of us may want to attend to deepen our understanding, or
as a ‘refresher’ Alpha is at its best when the majority of the group are
not yet committed Christians. Inviting our friends and offering to go with
them is often the best way to make this happen.
The Course starts with an Introduction (or taster) on Monday 11
September at Church. At 7.00pm we will meet, share a meal together
and hear a brief talk to introduce the course. There will be the
opportunity to ‘sign up’ to attend the full course.
Please use our contact form for more information