Church Transport (Need a lift?)

For transport on Sunday 4 March please call Doug Mizon on 01986 872630

Halesworth United Reformed Church
Transport Co-ordinator

proposed service and volunteer driver Roster
Purpose: To provide lifts by car to and from church, for members who have difficulty for reasons of health/disability, place of residence or age in attending church. The envisioned service is not to provide a comprehensive taxi service but to meet the needs of the above group of church members. There is much goodwill involved with the existing arrangements, whereby members already regularly share journeys, and it is hoped this will continue and expand.
It would be helpful if existing arrangements could be maintained to try and ensure that we
have sufficient capacity to meet the need.
The radius of operation should be limited to approximately 3 miles to ensure that members can be transported in time for services, with a maximum of two journeys before and after services.
The roster of duty drivers names for the following month will be published in the monthly church magazine. The name of the duty driver for the following week will be displayed in the weekly programme of events issued each Sunday. People wishing to use the service should contact the relevant duty driver by the Friday before the Sunday service.

The Roster for 1st Quarter 2018

Martin Dominic 31/12/17 28/01/18 25/02/18
Doug Mizon 07/01/18 04/02/18 04/03/18
Angela Sutton-Day 14/01/18 11/02/18 11/03/18
Alan Furness 21/01/18 18/02/18 18/03/18