Listening and Discernment Prayer Group

The Listening and Discernment Prayer Group, which meets at the home of Jon and Ruth Sermon, The Manse, Queens Drive, Halesworth, is open to all.

Listening Prayer was launched last year. What is ‘Listening Prayer’?
Well, in a listening prayer meeting we have no agenda and no lists of what we want to pray about. We come before God and ask Him to lead us in prayer. Sounds daft? Read on!
In church, we frequently pray “Thy Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven.” That supposes God has plans for what His Kingdom looks like. And that He wants them to happen on earth. So … if we listen and ask the Holy Spirit to lead our prayers, we may find we’re praying something that’s on God’s heart – something we hadn’t thought about yet. Or, we might find ourselves praying about something we’re concerned about, but in a way that’s new to us.

So, at these meetings, we simply say, “Speak Lord your servants are listening” – like young Samuel in the Old Testament. We spend time in quiet listening. Then we share any ideas that have occurred to us while listening. Next, together, we pray the theme/s that have arisen. As we pray, we’re listening tothe Holy Spirit and to each other, which gives us chance to develop and deepen a theme. It’s very satisfying – and can be quite exciting! We debrief at the end; that way we learn and grow in this art of listening.
This Listening Prayer meeting will complement the Friday Morning Prayer meeting. Both types of prayer meeting are needed – we need to bring what’son our hearts to God. That’s mainly what we do on Fridays. We also need to ask God what’s on His heart and pray into that. That’s what we’ll aim to do at Listening Prayer.
There’s no commitment, just come along and see if this type of prayer suits you.
Phone me if you want more info:
(01896) 873761 or email
Keep enjoying God’s company!
Ruth Sermon

I get so excited about praying!!
Conversing with the Creator of the Universe, the Saviour of all
Mankind, seems like it should be impossible. But we know He loves us to spend time with Him.
And there are so many ways to do this – it’s mind-blowing!!
Calm down, Ruth, and explain! … OK …
We’re all different –
You may feel near to God’s heart in your garden.
Your spirit may be lifted up to the heavenly realms when listening to music.
You may sense the Magnificence of our Creator God as you stand on a mountain or look out to sea.
You may feel his pleasure as you run. Perhaps the sight or touch of a baby is what stirs your soul heavenwards.
There are so many ways to connect with God!
Many of us feel drawn to spend time worshipping and praying to our amazing God. Many of us struggle with this on our own, and find joining with others helps.
If you want to try a different way of praying with others and your desire is to
pray for our church here in Halesworth, there’s something new to try:

These are the notes from the last meeting:

Listening and Discernment Prayer 6 December 2017
Summary of themes
After 1 st listening –
Scripture “Love the Lord your God with all your mind, all your heart and all
your strength.” Also Jesus’ addition, “Love your neighbour …”
A picture A bride looking into the eyes of her love. She was wearing a

beautiful, shining silvery dress and headdress
Song “More love, more power, more of you in my life …

And I will seek your face …”

Scripture Ps 131 esp “I am like a weaned child”

God saying re this, “In what are you putting your trust?”

Word hospitality
After discussion and a second listening time for confirmation of how to pray,
we sang the song and read the Scriptures given.
1 st Prayer time was mainly about our love for Jesus needing to be passionate –
fierce even.
God is so faithful, we are so broken.
Trusting Jesus, not being too independent, even though we’re ‘weaned’
Confession for being lukewarm and not trusting.
As we gaze into Jesus’ face, may we be transformed and shine that
transformative love and power outwards.
Discussion about hospitality. Our faith is relational – Jesus gave us
communion! This is how we encourage each other and draw others in.
2 nd prayer time mainly about hospitality within our congregation. The need for
more, for God to stir our hearts and include everyone. That it become natural
to us as a group. For all gifts to be put to use and enjoyed.
Prayer for Christmas gatherings – hospitality to others – that there would be a
special release through God’s presence – hope and love flowing – a Christ Mass
as we meet. This seemed a particularly powerful prayer.
Debrief – we realised we’d prayed through the 1 st Scripture in two sections:
Firstly, loving God with all our being – we’d prayed about gazing on Jesus.
Secondly, love your neighbour as yourself – we’d prayed about hospitality.