Men’s Shed

Halesworth Men’s Shed

Could you be a ‘Friend’ to Halesworth Men’s Shed?
As you probably know, Halesworth Men’s Shed (HMS) was started by a few
men from our church at the beginning of 2014. Since then, with the support
of Halesworth Volunteer Centre (HVC) we moved into a splendid 1,500 sq ft
warehouse at the back of Chinny’s car park, fitted it out, acquired an
impressive range of tools and have grown to a membership of nearly 60
men and women. We are one of over 350 members of the UK Men’s Shed
HMS provides a fully equipped facility where people with time on their hands
can work alone or with others on a wide range of personal and community
projects. We are particularly pleased to have several members with physical
or mental challenges who find it very easy to work with us.
Partly because it has grown so fast and partly for ease of obtaining future
funding, HMS has agreed with HVC that, later this year it will separate from
them, form its own Charitable Incorporated Organisation and take on full
responsibility for all of its costs. Currently HVC pays the rent of some
£6,000 a year.
Members have already agreed to increase their own contributions
substantially as from 1 March, mostly by monthly standing orders. We
continue to seek funding from various sources and already get regular
support from some people who are not members. We know of several
others who would like to help similarly and in response to this we have
formed a ‘Friends of HMS’ group and invite you to consider joining and
helping us reach our goals.
We ask that Friends contribute £25 a year or take out a monthly standing
order for whatever amount they wish. Friends will be helping an
organisation of tremendous benefit to our town and will always be welcome
to call in for a tea/coffee and to chat about how we might help with any of
your own projects. We will keep you informed of significant events and
developments and will regard you as an integral part of our total team.
If this might be of interest please let me
know and we can chat about how best
you could help. Catch me in church, call
me on 872630 or email me at
Many thanks
Doug Mizon