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Together with some members of other local churches, members of the Halesworth United Reform Church form a significant part of 2 teams, both of which provide Assemblies in local primary schools. These teams bring Bible stories (using dramatic presentations) to children aged between 4+ and 11years old. One of the Teams covers the Bramfield, Wenhaston and Holton area and the other team, holds an assembly for most weeks of school term in the Edgar Sewter School, Halesworth.

Every assembly is memorable and filled with the makings of many anecdotes. “A Tale of Two Houses”was“just such an one” It was Jesus’ parable about one man who built a house on rock and another who built his house on sand. For the house built on sand, Martin had constructed a
frame of Bamboo, with a complicated system of joints and cord connections which would collapse when the cord was pulled. As the children made the (deafening) sound of the rain falling and the
wind blowing, the cord was pulled by Alan (from behind a screen) and the house started to wobble and lean outlandishly, much to the delight of the children. Right at the end of the story, the whole frame suddenly and dramatically collapsed. The most wonderful sound, of a hall full of
children all laughing from their very boots, reverberated through the school. Yet another Cecil B. Dominic moment!

April Update from Lorraine

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, just a little update on Open the Book news. Since our last
report to you we have all encountered“The Beast from the East” with varying effects on our lives. For our Open the Book team it has meant having 2 sessions cancelled by the school. The first cancellation was for obvious, travel difficulty reasons and the following week because the school had to“catch up”on the various things cancelled the previous week. However, we rise above these things and plough on!
At our recent Team Meeting we agreed on the Assemblies for the Summer Term, which I am including with this article. We do have a wonderful team of Prayer Intercessors, whose support we are immensely grateful for, but we would also appreciate your prayers. When you have a moment to lift us before the Throne, the Term programme will give you an idea of the subject we are covering that week. Thank you.
We do have some news that we are all exceedingly sad about, which is that Martin will be leaving the Open the Book Team at the end of the school year in July. He and Chris are both great blessings to our church family, generously “spending themselves”in so many ways. This means that their time is very stretched. We will (reluctantly!) release him from his commitment to Open the Book, so that he is able to fulfil the many other calls on his and Chris’s time. The good thing is that he has offered to“stand in”for the odd assembly if we are in difficulty and I wouldn’t be surprised if we weren’t consulting him on scenery building from time to
time! Of course, this means that our team will be depleted and we would, again, welcome new members. Please contact me if you are even vaguely interested, or speak to any of the team about their experience of Open the Book. You could pop along to an assembly during the Summer Term to watch and get the “feel”of what the role entails.
So, please pray for us…and I would ask you to pray also for the other local teams in Wenhaston, Bramfield, Holton etc. It is a salutary fact that most of the children in Britain know nothing about Jesus and what they do hear is usually wildly inaccurate. Nationally, Open the Book is bringing the gospel as well as a real sense of God’s love and humour, to children who would not encounter this in any other way.
Bless you. Lorraine


April 24th On the Road to Emmaus Luke 24 Don
May 1st Goodbye at Last Matt 28 Lorraine
May 8th The Helper Arrives Acts 2 Marilyn
May 15th Praying for Peter Acts 12. Martin
May 22nd The Kind Stranger Luke 10 Alan
June 12th The Two Sons Matt 21. Martin
June 19th Waiting for a Friend John 4 Val
June 26th Tabitha Wakes Up Acts 9 Marilyn
July 3rd Joseph the Dreamer Gen 37 Alan
July 10th Joseph the Ruler Gen 42 – 45 Lorraine