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Books for Life
I am having one of my periodic culls of books and magazines, they’re beginning to escape from their shelves and sprawl over table, chairs, corners of rooms again, and after all the St James South Elmham Annual Book Sale is only about 4 months away – need to get a few boxes ready for them! It’s slow work of course, as I have to browse through the selected items to make sure I REALLY HAVE FINISHED with them, and end up sitting down to a good read…So I have just finished re-reading *Dr Krish Kandiah’s January 2017 article in Premier Christianity entitled Thebeliever that books built. Sadly, perhaps, this is not one of the articles from this issue that is free to read on line but when I have finished my cull I will be donating copies to Sign of the Fish for folks to browse or borrow or pass on.
This was an article after my own heart, I wish I’d written it, I wish I could just copy and paste it here and“job done”for this month’s article (only there is the- not so teensy- matter of copyright!) But here are a few headlines and themes:
A passion for reading is more caught than taught
Reading bonds us together
Diction reading is connected with an increased sensitivity to others
Reading stretches our minds
Reading feeds an appetite for growth as a Christian and as a human being
Reading ignites a passion
Reading kick-starts a revolution
Still not convinced? At the end of his second letter to Timothy (2 Tim 4 13 ) Paul
requests “When you come, bring the cloak I left with Carpus at Troas, also the
books, and above all the parchments”(NRSV) – Paul missed his books! And in 1
Tim 413 “Until I come, give attention to the public reading of Scripture, to
exhortation and teaching”
Here’s a thought: why not have “book club“ sessions in your home groups from
time to time to encourage wider and deeper reading at home . I needn’t tell you
where you could get you books for this, need I?!
Val Jennings