Conquest Art

Join our group for some Art and Crafts every Wednesday
At 2pm – 4pm in the URC back room

Conquest Art is held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, 2pm – 4pm at our church.
It is for people with a disability or life changing problem.
Pat Simons is out tutor and is ably assisted by Marilyn Pettit, our treasurer and tea maker.
All kinds of arts and crafts are attempted with each person finding their own level according to disability.

Conquest Art is flourishing and we now have 15 members. Yvonne Forster is our talented Leader and Audrey West and Tony Pointer our wonderful volunteer helpers. Kathryn also helps most
weeks with serving tea/coffee and we couldn’t manage without these willing people.
This is an appeal for anyone who could spare a couple of hours, either once a week or less frequently to help with setting-up and/or staying for the Art session. We find some weeks are difficult because of illness, holidays and appointments etc. We have only cancelled one week due to no volunteers available but feel its very important to stay open, for the companionship and well-being of members.
If you feel you could help, in any way, please contact me [ Marilyn] and I will be very happy to give you more information. We meet Wednesday afternoons 1 30 – 3 30. Thank you for your support and prayers.


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