Pastoral Letter

Pastoral Letter: 

Dear Friends
You may remember that last month I wrote about using Lent to be deliberate in nurturing our own discipleship. I mentioned that the URC is increasing the emphasis on discipleship, with encouragement to‘Walk the Way of Jesus’. As part of this, at the recent Synod meeting which Don
and I attended, there was a full presentation of the ‘holy habits’ initiative.
Those who were present will recall that I based the preaching on this on Sunday evening, 18 March. But no, I didn’t mean these types of holy habits. A habit is a repeated behaviour that, over time, becomes almost second nature to us. So holy habits are behaviours that nurture our spiritual growth. They will help the lifelong development of the fruit of the Spirit
in us (Galatians 5: 22). Working from the description of the life of the emerging church in Acts 2: 42-47, Andrew Roberts, who prepared the materials for us, identifies 10 specific areas or‘Holy Habits’that emerge directly from the text. Here they are with the verses they come from:
• Biblical Teaching (v42)
• Breaking Bread (v42)
• Eating together (v42,46)
• Fellowship (v42,44,46)
• Gladness & Generosity (v44,45,46)
• Prayer (v42, 46, 47)
• Serving (throughout)
• Sharing/Giving (v44-45)
• Worship (v47)
• Making New Disciples (v47)

Why not read the passage and see how they emerge? And notice one more thing, which doesn’t appear on this list:“Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done through the apostles”(v43). As the church grew and developed in these holy habits, it set the appropriate backdrop for the healing/miracle working ministry of Jesus to continue, as the apostles (in particular but others also) were empowered by the Holy Spirit, just as Jesus had been.
Let’s continue seeking the Lord to take us further and deeper into
discipleship. And perhaps, as part of this, some of our home groups may
wish to use the ‘Holy Habits’resources?
And keep praying, as God leads us in deeper discipleship, individually
and together.

Every blessing