Pastoral Letter

Pastoral Letter: 

Dear Friends

Pentecost: What a day that was!
After a cold and cloudy morning as setting up was under way, the sun finally came out. And we went on to enjoy a great celebration along with Christiansfrom other churches,
visitors and passers by. Here, our worship group were leading the singing before the
Wasn’t it great to be together, out in the public square as an open witness to our Lord, joining with our brothers and sisters of other denominations, celebrating the coming of the Holy Spirit, and praying to receive Him afresh ourselves?
(Sorry for those who missed it).
In the preaching, I also highlighted, again, what a day it must have been on that original Pentecost! The coming of the Holy Spirit to equip the church with power – to be effective in the
mission of Jesus Christ. This transformed a frightened huddle into a group so full of God’s Spirit that their exuberance was uncontainable! They had to spill out into the street. Some even thought they were drunk – an experience which must have continued as Paul wrote later:“Do not get drunk on wine…but be filled with thevSpirit”(Eph 5:18).
And the sense here is,“go on being filled…” Just as it is clear in Acts that those first followers ofJesus were filled with the Holy Spirit on many occasions, to equip them, so were are urged to be open to go on receiving. To be filled again and again. And prayer ministry was offered during the service, including (but not limited to) enabling people to ask for that: a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit. And we can keep praying that for ourselves and each other.
Here you see the congregation – singing their hearts out in praise to our wonderful God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And also people greeting one another as we shared the Peace. Yes, what a day that was – both our celebration of Pentecost this year, and the original. And what a And what a wonderful thing to be open to the Pentecost experiences God still has for us, as we
pray, and play our part in the answer to the prayer “Your Kingdom Come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”.
Every blessing