Pastoral Letter

Pastoral Letter: 

Dear Friends
Our North Lowestoft sister church is holding a lent Bible study series, under the title “Walking through Lent with Jesus”. We have not planned a specific Lent series here, largely because we have several home groups/Bible study groups functioning through the year, not only at special seasons like Lent or Advent.
But Lent is still a good time to seriously consider joining one of those groups,even if you don’t normally attend. Or indeed joining in with the current Alpha course on Wednesday evenings.
The URC is increasing the emphasis on discipleship, with encouragement to ‘Walk the Way of Jesus’. All who have made a conscious decision to turn from our sins and to seek forgiveness in reliance on God’s astounding love for us, and Jesus having taken our place on the cross – having given ourselves back to him are disciples of Jesus.
We seek to follow Him.
We fail.
We constantly turn to Him.
We are restored to relationship with our loving heavenly Father. And every time we take communion, in a very realsense we are affirming and renewing our choice, our commitment, to live as His disciples. But how to we‘nurture’our discipleship? Do we continue to grow spiritually?
To be ever closer to our Lord? Our attendance at worship, at Friday prayer group and/or at one of the home groups, our personal Bible reading and prayer life are all aspects that can help in this respect. So can talking frankly about faith with each other. Special events or courseslike Alpha and Dunamis and festivals like New Wine, Spring Harvest or Keswick can also help.
Let’s use Lent to seek the Lord and nurture our own discipleship andbencourage one another. As Paul says:
“God did not appoint us to suffer wrath but to receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore encourage one another and build each other up (1 Thessalonians 5:9, 11).

Every blessing